Time not well spent

Lately my husband has been working so much overtime that we have hardly spoken to each other in person. Today we finally had a few hours to spend together, we haven’t had this kind of quality time in a few weeks. 

Taking most of the morning to decide What we were going to do with the boys. We decided to go to Bass pro Shops, since it is one of my husband’s and 2 year old son’s favorite store. The drive was nice and so was our visit at the store up until we have to leave. Our 2 year old begins to want everything he sees, like most kids that age do. My poor husband trying do hold a crying/screaming toddler and pay at the check stand, he looked like he was in utter distress. I felt bad for him but a part of me was a bit amused at the site and I just think to my self welcome to my everyday. I know he works alot, but he thinks that things are easy for me at home when in reality they are very stressful.

Once we are on our way home everything is quiet and peaceful until of course we hit traffic and our 6 month old begins to cry. Not only is he crying but it’s a high pitched mommy hold me cry which makes me want to jump in the back seat and embrace him. I feel so bad for him, but fortunaly he falls back to sleep soon after waking up. 

Now we are home and getting everyone situated. I get everyone dad and we sit down to watch a movie, but I look over at the clock and it was 6:30 and just like clock work my 6 month old begins to wine for his nightly bath. I now spend the last few hours of the day with my husband bathing our two boys and trying to get them to sleep. Before I know it the day is gone and so is my husband for his shift.

Sometimes I wish my husband and I had more uninteruped time together like we used to have, but then I look at our two beautiful boys and I feel guilty for even wanting time alone with my husband. Well I guess I will just have to wait until they are grown up enough to watch themselves, but until then I will continue to enjoy all the chaos.


Dinner negotiation

Dinner time has arrived, a time that my 2 year old used to enjoy. Now days it’s known as the negotiation hour. 

We all gather around the dinner table to eat yet another dinner. Every time I think maybe today will be the day that he will eat his dinner without any hastle……wrong. He just sits there and plays with his food and yet again I tell him eat your dinner don’t play with it. It’s like talking to a brick wall. He stops for a little bit then starts up again….maybe it’s short term memory losss, that’s a thought. So once again off to his room and he cries and pleads to come out. I stay strong. 

Once he’s been pleading for about 1 minute or so he says he needs to go on the potty (we have been potty training). He’s making negotiations of his own, I’ve got to hand it to him he’s smart trying to beat me at my own game. Since I have to believe him when it comes to potty time. He’s on the toilet and what does he say? He says “mama I can’t peepee”. Well back off to his room and the pleading along with crying continues. 2 minutes has passed and he’s allowed to emerge like a hermit crab from its shell, but he acts like a Labrador chasing a ball. We will see if maybe tomorrow will be the day negotiations won’t have to be underway.


The day has arrived, the day I hate the most……grocery shopping!!!! Every time is like I’m getting ready for a long back packing trip or battle.

Any mother of a toddler and an infant knows that you can’t just go shopping, there are steps that need to be done….      1. Get your self ready (entertain baby while doing it)                                                      2. Get toddler ready.                                          3. Get baby ready.                                              4. Get diaper bag ready ( bottle,burp rag, toys,change of clothes,juice for toddler, phone, wallet, keys, and grocery list).         5. Check the kids clothes to make sure no spills or spit-ups have occurred.             6. Make sure everyone has gone potty.       7. Ughhh…someone pooped.                         8. Change poop.                                                 9. Now your ready to go shopping.

Once I arrive at the grocery store I have to scout for a cart outside to put my 2 year old in first then put the baby in the baby carrier strapped to my chest. Now that I look like I’m wearing my baby as my fashion accessory we are ready to enter the store.

I have entered the store and I feel like I need to fight tooth and nail my way through the isles. Then the baby starts to cry, so I feed with one hand and push the cart with the other (super convenient not to mention fun, do you hear the sarcasm?). I don’t know how I’ve done it but I did….I’m done! Now I’m at check out and my 2 years old is hungry, so I load everything onto the conveyer belt while sweating because I want be rid of this place. Finally loaded everything and everyone up in the car and off we go home.Then we hit traffic and the baby starts crying,oh joy sounds just like a lulaby (not really).

Once home and all the groceries are in, maybe this part will be easy…..wrong! The baby starts cry and my 2 year old as well letting me know that they are tired. Dropping erverything to solve their hunger pains and all I can think about is the perishables. 25 minutes later and everything is put away,but then I realize I forgot the butter….UGHHHHH!!!! Just another day in embracing the chaos.


Holding down the fort

Unfortunately today we are daddyless. First thing in the morning my husband headed off to work for a 20 hour shift. It seemed to be going quite smooth or so I thought….

I fed my 2 year old and the baby at the same time and all was going well, until I look over and while holding the baby and his brother throws up on the couch…ewww and ughhhh!! I knew it was too good to be true. I put the little one in his jumperoo and get his brother to the toilet because I knew there was more to follow. I quickly clean it up and meanwhile a 5 month old is staring at me screaming his head off and his brother in the bathroom spilling his guts out. 

Now I have one in the bath and another fighting a nap. I need some quiet for a little bit of sanity today. Just another day in my chaotic life while holding down the fort. But this is my life and I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. I embrace the chaos.

The baby weight and everything else….

So I am getting ready to go to lunch on the only day that my husband and I have together, and i should be so happy to have some adult interaction instead of a conversation with a 2 year old and the crying of a 5 month old, but all I can do is look at the way i fit in my clothes and sulk in the sorrow of wondering if i will ever get my body back. I hate to let something like this dampen my only day with the one person who makes me feel like me, but I can’t help it. Once I am ready I not only have to get a baby ready, but a hyper toddler too. I love my husband, but sometimes I wish he would help more without me having to ask. Although in his defense if I asked he would help and would be more than willing to.So why don’t I ask, because I want to be the one that does it all. I want to be supermom, wife of the year, bff, and all the other bests. But who am I kidding among the toys in the living room, the dirty dishes in the sink, clean unfolded clothes on the bed and the clean sheriff uniform in the washer that I have forgotten to put into the dryer on his “Monday”, I am not perfect and I’m not even going to try. Let the chaos be chaos.